Celestial Couple: Lord Rama and Sita Ji's Timeless Togetherness (36 x 36 Inches)

₹ 3,539.00 ₹ 4,707.00 -25% OFF

Celestial Couple: Lord Rama and Sita Ji's Timeless Togetherness (36 x 36 Inches)

₹ 3,539.00 ₹ 4,707.00 -25% OFF

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Product description
  • Canvas Wall arts by Metalkart.in
  • Total Wall Coverage Area:  36 x 36 Inches
  • High-quality handmade Alike Print decorates the Canvas
  • The canvas is held in place by a thick wooden stretcher that ensures durability.
  • Canvas used is Matte with High GSM quality
  • Designed to fit easily on walls
  • Low maintenance product
  • A dry cloth is good for cleaning
  • Exclusive art prints specially copyrighted by Metalkart.in
  • Packed by a professional to keep it light so it can reach you safely and open easily
  • Perfect for bedroom, living room, office, hotel reception, dining room, Board room, Lounge, etc.

In the moon's soft light, a symbol of divine love and tranquillity, the special Ramayana couple, Lord Ram and Sita, appear as if painted with calmness. Behind them is a sky of celestial blue, with the moon, a silent observer of their eternal love, shining gently, its bright eyes on Ram's princely crown.

Ram stands tall, showing strong determination in his deep blue clothes. His well-known bow rests easily in his hand, with arrows that tell stories of his firm and fair power. But his eyes capture your attention the most – golden pools reflecting a love that has faced many challenges.

Next to him is Sita, glowing softly like the moon. She represents quiet strength with simple adornments like a delicate nose ring, earrings that sound like celestial chimes, and the sacred peak on her forehead, a symbol of her devotion.

She looks into Ram's eyes, and her eyes shine with a love that goes beyond the picture. Their connection seems like a bridge made of moonlight and stardust. In this remarkable picture, the brush strokes tell stories of unchanging devotion, a bond that's been tested but has only grown stronger. The light blue background turns into an endless sky, reflecting the limitless depth of their love. The moon watches over them, a forever symbol of their bright union.

This painting isn't just colors on a canvas. It's like a door into a world filled with divinity, where love and faith light up the way, and the whispers of forever dance in the moonlight. Take your time to look, let your heart feel, and imagine yourself lost in the timeless hug of Ram and Sita, forever marked on the canvas of your soul.

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