Best Placement Of Wall Clocks According To Vastu Shatra

Having a clock in your home adds a lot more beauty than just simply using it as a functional time-telling element.
Best Placement Of Wall Clocks According To Vastu Shatra - Punam Metalcrafts

Having a clock in your home adds a lot more beauty than just simply using it as a functional time-telling element. A designer wall clock can beautify your space like nothing else.

However, does the idea of there being a correct or incorrect placement for a wall clock in your home interest you? Do you strongly believe in Vastu Shastra? Are you someone who desires to incorporate Vastu Shastra into their home design but lacks understanding of how it functions? Do not fear, we are here to save you.

Wall clock arrangement in various rooms can affect the household's wealth and general health, according to Vastu Shastra. In addition to providing practical Vastu advice for your house, we will discuss where wall clocks belong in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and workplace.


Wall Clocks in the Living Room

Given the significance of wall clocks in our houses, we must make sure they are placed in the living room in the best possible way. Vastu dictates that a wall clock should be placed on the north or east wall of the living room. Hanging a clock on these walls promotes abundance and good energy. Choosing a beautiful wall clock for living room large size is a must. In addition to being a wonderful focus point, a large wall clock helps with time management and punctuality. It is advised that you choose decorative wall clocks for living room because they enhance the aesthetic appeal and improve the interiors.


Wall Clocks in the Bedroom

The bedroom is set aside as our area for unwinding and sleeping. In line with Vastu principles, a clock placed on the east or north bedroom wall enhances tranquility. Avoid putting clocks directly in front of the bed or on the wall behind the headboard as it can disrupt sleep and create discomfort.

Think about selecting a clock for your bedroom that has soothing and understated designs. Steer clear of big or overly intricate wall clocks in this area, as they might overwhelm visually and disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the room.


Wall Clocks in the Kitchen

In Indian households, the kitchen of the home is considered as the most important pious and important part. It is an important space since it represents sustenance and well-being. The kitchen's southern or western wall is the best site for a wall clock, according to Vastu principles. The arrangement plays a key role in creating a serene and well-balanced space that is required for cooking and dining.

When selecting wall clocks for the kitchen, opt for ones that are simple to clean and keep up with, since this space often experiences grease and moisture. Simple and practical designs work well in the kitchen, making sure the clock functions effectively without drawing unnecessary attention.


Wall Clocks in the Office or Study

An office or study is an area designated for work and efficiency. Vastu suggests placing the wall clock on the north or east wall within this space. This position is thought to improve concentration, productivity, and achievement in work-related pursuits.

When choosing a clock for your office or study, look for a professional design that is not overly decorative.


General Vastu Tips for Wall Clocks

In addition to the specific placements for different rooms, here are some general Vastu tips to keep in mind:

  1. Functionality: Make sure that all clocks in the household are functioning properly. Clocks that are broken or not working can represent a lack of progress and block the movement of good vibes.
  2. Height: Place the clock at a height that is suitable for easy visibility without being too high. Ideally, the clock's center should be level with the eyes.
  3. Direction of Movement: In Vastu principles, the clock's hands should rotate in a clockwise manner. This is viewed as fortunate and aligned with the natural state of things.
  4. Cleanliness: Clean the wall clock frequently to prevent the buildup of dust. A clean clock symbolizes clarity and accuracy.
  5. Avoid Clocks Above Doors: It is not advisable to place clocks right over doors as it may cause an oppressive ambiance and block the natural movement of energy.


Implementing Vastu principles when positioning wall clocks can improve the energy and balance of your home. But, also keep in mind that Vastu offers useful guidance, but it's important to also take into account personal preferences and the overall decor theme when choosing and positioning wall clocks.

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