Some interesting facts about Vat Savitri festival to prepare yourself and your home

Are you all set for the upcoming auspicious festival?  Vat Savitri Puja is down the corner.
Some interesting facts about Vat Savitri festival to prepare yourself and your home - Punam Metalcrafts

Are you all set for the upcoming auspicious festival?  Vat Savitri Puja is down the corner. How far have you accomplished your shopping list? Don’t worry, we are here to ensure you don’t miss out on anything because now you can buy all pooja essentials online. Before we fill our shopping cart, let’s get some insights about this auspicious festival.

Some facts about Vat Savitri Puja

Vat Savitri is a festival dedicated to the Goddess Savitri who fought with the God of death - Yama to bring back her dead husband, Satyavan. This festival is celebrated on the full moon day in Ashwin month according to the Hindu calendar. On this day, married women perform Vat Savitri Puja by fasting and worshipping the Banyan tree for the long life and good health of their husbands. It is also believed that an unmarried woman who worships Goddess Savitri on this day will be blessed with a righteous and virtuous husband.


The celebration of VatSavitri Puja has been going on since ancient times. This festival is linked to different gods and goddesses depending on the region where it is celebrated. For example, in some parts of India, people celebrate it with goddess Parvati while in other parts they celebrate it with goddess Durga or Kali Maa.


Why is the Banyan tree worshipped on Vat Savitri?

The Banyan tree has the highest life among other trees. It is believed that Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, and Srihari dwell in the Banyan tree. So, it is worshipped by women due to its longevity and strength with a belief of attaining long life for their husbands.


Pooja essentials required for Vat Savitri Puja


Like every other Hindu festival, when it comes to offering God, pooja essentials are a must. The basic pooja items include flowers, incense sticks, and other decorations as well. You can place these items on a pooja thali which is easily available on Punam Metalcrafts along with other pooja essentials online. You can decorate the Pooja thali with pooja accessories such as bells, tulsi beads, rudraksh beads etc. Don’t forget to check out the variety of pooja thalis, some of them beautifully crafted in Indian art.

Apart from these, there are some items that add to the benevolence of the festival. Let’s check out some of them.


  1. Panchamrita (Five nectars): Panchamrita is also known as panchagavya. It consists of milk, curd, ghee, honey, and sugarcane juice. It is used in many rituals during Hindu festivals including Diwali and Durga Puja.


  1. Bael Fruit (Aegle Marmelos): Bael fruit is used in various Hindu rituals such as Gangaur festival and Vat Savitri festival among others. This fruit is believed to be sacred because Lord Shiva likes to eat it after drinking wine! The tree that bears this fruit has beautiful white flowers which bloom only during springtime when they get pollinated by bees!


  1. Watermelon Seeds: Watermelon seeds are used in many religious rituals such as the Vat Savitri festival because they represent fertility and prosperity.


  1. Copper lota (Kalash): The copper lota or Kalash remains a significant item in every Hindu festival. Offering water in copper Kalash is one of the important parts of the rituals followed for Vat Savitri puja.


  1. Raw white thread: The white thread or yarn is wrapped around the stem of the Banyan tree while rotating it seven times. This portrays the wish of having the same life partner for the seven births in hindu mythodology.


So, while you are busy preparing for the puja, don’t forget to decorate your home with some beautiful art that will add positive vibes to your vrat (fasting).  Check out the big metal wall hanging art online by Punam metalcrafts.  This big metal wall hanging art is made up of brass and copper.  These small crafts won’t affect your pocket much but will create a great impact on your life by bringing the desired positivity in your home as well as life.


You can use this art as an auspicious wall hanging for your home during the Vat Savitri festival or any other occasion when you want to decorate your house with something unique and beautiful.

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