Know why home decorations are significant to the Ramzan preparations?

Ramzan or Ramadan is one of the most significant festivals in Islam and is a very sacred time for every devoted Muslim
Know why home decorations are significant to the Ramzan preparations? - Punam Metalcrafts

Ramzan or Ramadan is one of the most significant festivals in Islam and is a very sacred time for every devoted Muslim. It falls in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and mainly lasts 29-30 days from the first crescent moon till the next one. It's a holy month in which everyone is detached from the daily life routine and enters a month of fasting and praying while reciting the Holy Quran.


It's a time of contemplation to see the world from the purest and most honest eyes. So during the whole month, devotees also refrain from any activity considered selfish or unkind and only follow the path of spirituality and enlightenment to show utmost devotion to the mighty above.


However, it’s also a test of their fortitude and devotion because everyone who fasts during Ramzan can’t eat or drink anything from dawn to dusk. Plus, you can only have a meal once in 24 hours, which is in late night or early mornings. The fast allows people to detach themself from the world and focus on their inner-self.


And when it's time to break the fast in the evening, everyone invites their loved ones to their homes to do it together. So the spirit of kindness, forgiveness, devotion and celebrations with loved ones coupled with the spirit of Ramzan makes it a memorable time of the year. However, Ramzan is not all about the sacrificial aspects, evenings of prayer, and unique occasions of breaking the fast with friends and family.


How to make this Ramzan special?

It means so many things to so many people and has numerous memories attached to it. While everyone has something different to make this time more memorable, there are a few common practices like decorating.


However, apart from a few, Ramzan decoration ideas have constantly been involved with changing times. Like in Egypt, Palestine and Jerusalem, streets are brightened like the sky with beautifully hung lanterns. Even in their home, people would use fancy beddings as decorative items for the bedroom or set beautiful flower bouquets at the dining tables during Ramzan.


So by decorating your home, you can create calm vibes, develop a spiritual atmosphere and get it ready for the festivities. While there are many new or traditional ways for you to choose from, the first step to preparing for Ramadan in many Muslim households is doing home improvements. They can range from thorough house cleaning to painting rooms, buying new furnishings, and revamping the home interiors.


And with Ramzan right around the corner, there is no better time than now for you to get into a creative zone and start decorating your home for this beautiful, exciting, and rewarding month. Luckily with the boom of social media and eCommerce culture, there's so much for you to choose from when it comes to home decoration ideas to celebrate the upcoming holy month and Eid.


So if you want to make your Ramzan more special and memorable than ever, we’ve just the right things for you. Go to our website and choose from our special assorted range of home decor items and other essential items for prayers.


  1. Wall Arts


Check out our wide range of exclusive wall arts, ranging from Abstract to rustic, traditional and spiritual. Made by highly skilled and gifted local artists, our decor pieces are highly-authentic, top-in-quality and true to the culture. So get a piece of art to signify the importance of this holy month, and instill love in your and your loved ones' hearts and deen.


  1. Metal lanterns


Lanterns make for very good room decoration items and can be a great addition to your Ramzan preparations. We have a wide range of engraved lanterns made from metal, which can be perfect for redesigning your house a bit for a fresh look. They can also be a great buy for this Ramzan season as they will help you mellow up your living space a bit and make it more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your guests.


  1. Wall clocks


Another thing that can be something worth spending money on this Ramzan Season is an astonishing wall clock. Since you’ve to follow a diligent schedule during Ramzan days, a decorative piece that can also tell you time can be a great buy. Check out our collection of designer wall clocks to choose the one which will surely make this Ramzan even more special for you.


Finally, we would like to say that Ramzan is a time when people let go of their personal differences and come together in peace and harmony. And we’ll be honored if we can make your Ramzan experience even a tiny bit more special and worth remembering.

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