9 ways to glow up your wall space

Do you aspire to turn your wall space alluring and majestic? Open up for multiple décor styles that are in vogue these days.
9 ways to glow up your wall space - Punam Metalcrafts

Do you aspire to turn your wall space alluring and majestic? Open up for multiple décor styles that are in vogue these days. The home makers who get enticed with contemporary or abstract layout will have ample number of options to transform their home décor look. Buying well crafted and exquisite decorative items for wall is itself a task, however, knowing some brilliant techniques to magnify the wall area of your home would surely make it simple. Let’s talk about the same in this blog.

Multiple ways to elevate the charm of your walls

Walls are undoubtedly the most visible place of a living area. Hence, one must not overlook that zone while applying home décor style. Go through the below mentioned wall décor techniques to fill the complete space with charm and elegance –

Go for Wall of tree art décor

The spacious walls can be well covered with big wall tree that comes in various stylish designs like LED tree, butterfly wall tree, golden leaf tree, metallic nest tree, Buddha circle tree, Mughal leaf tree, white flower tree and much more. Sit back and get a soothing treatment to your eyes with this contemporary wall decor style.

Hang up metallic mirrors

Do not leave the entrance wall unattended; rather hang up metallic mirror in brilliant designs and shapes. To quote some, circular petal mirror, peacock mirror, cone mirror etc are in trend these days. This type of wall décor leaves a stunning impact on the visitors.

Display art gallery wall

Nothing adds personality and color quite like a gallery wall. Display a collection of art or photographs, or add wall hangings and other ephemera. Opt for simple, cohesive frames or bring in an array of ornate variations to mix things up! Pro tip: Extend the gallery wall to the ceiling to create the illusion of a larger space.

Swing with big Roman wall clocks

Get enticed with magical look and classy finish of metallic wall clocks that come in various genre such as geometric Roman wall clock, copper ring clock, designer leaf flower clock, Roman numeric black circle clock, metallic peacock wall clock, lotus ring clock, Traveller clock etc. The elegance of such brilliant wall décor pieces is worth watching.

Go natural with wall mounted planters

Use indoor plants to get nature like feel inside the living area. Mount beautiful planters in an array and enjoy the greenery all around. Go for premium quality faux plants as they are pretty convenient to be placed inside the room. Spend some time on exploring the variety of plants that are marvellous in appearance and also impart good oxygen.

Wall art depicting tribal and village life

If you are a person with a little bit inclination towards art and culture, pick abstract wall decor available in many art forms like metallic piece depicting village and tribal life. Switch the artistic mode of your living zone on with aesthetic wall art of village life like cycle savari, shadi ki shehnai, Kettuvallam Nrityam, Kalbeliya, baithak, tribal dancing, band of Indian musicians etc.

Showcase abstract wall art of metallic plates and leaves

Pick abstract art style and let others get envy of your brilliant sense of wall décor. Imagine the grace and exquisiteness of framed metallic plates mounted on the wall of your living area. Say it or not, abstract designs look fabulous and possess uniqueness in every aspect. Visit online stores to grab deals on various metallic decorative items for wall such as metallic leaf, plates, double ring wall flower, big iron plates with zara net hanging etc.

Wall art of metallic horses

Uplift the class of your living area wall with glossy metallic horse panel. Its charm and grace would surely entice the visitors at your place. Right from the era of Ramayana and Mahabharata, horses are considered as one of the most royal animals. Iron painted horse panel with sun wall hanging is in vogue these days and the art lovers must pick this majestic wall art for living space.

Putting rugs on walls is simply out of the box

All of us admire the grace and beauty of rugs with fine finish, soft texture and abstract layout. But none of us usually think of putting them on wall that actually looks pretty classy and different. There are multiple possibilities to use rugs as wall décor. For larger spaces, big sized rugs can fill the space in a decent style.

This is how you can change the complete look of your wall décor in no time.

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