9 Fabulous ideas to turn your home traditional

Do you admire the designs and layout of our vivid culture and tradition from old back centuries
9 Fabulous ideas to turn your home traditional - Punam Metalcrafts

Do you admire the designs and layout of our vivid culture and tradition from old back centuries? The vintage style of home décor with brilliant artistry is something that attracts the viewers but they still find it difficult to apply the same in their home décor. The time has gone when homemakers get allured with ultra modern home décor style. Nowadays, traditional look has taken the place and people find it more appealing. Even at modern home set up, households prefer adding antique decorative like brass ashok ki lat and vintage designs to give it a desi twist. Here are nine brilliant ideas to let your living zone retain Indian culture and tradition.

Add vintage touch to seating arrangement

Some people carry a misconception that sitting on the ground is disrespectful and uncultured. However, in our Indian tradition, this seating arrangement directly refers to the fact that we are connected with our roots. In present era, people have twisted it a little bit for more comfortable feel. For instance, low heighted seating with side pillows are trending these days. This will not only impart traditional touch to the interiors but also ensure warm and cozy feeling.

Pick brass decorative

Be it any festive occasion or auspicious events, our modern era still considers brass metal as a blend of tradition and culture. Going to the way back centuries when brass material was majorly used in kingdoms. It still carries the same significance and gives a perfect vintage look to the interiors. Pick plethora of brass decorative such as brass idols like Tirupati Balaji, Panchmukhi hanuman, Sai Baba, Bihari Ji, brass ashok chakra pillar showpiece, brass shell on turtle, brass decorative bowls, brass helicopter style décor piece etc and dazzle up the surroundings of your home.

Opt for handmade rugs

The hand woven rugs compliment the traditional look of living area. Opt for the most exclusive and vintage pattern and enjoy the taste of real Indian art inside your home. The warmth and coziness of these rugs are worth admiring. The weavers aesthetically design the vintage rugs with the pattern of ancient art and culture that are pretty appreciable and awe-inspiring. Also, handmade rugs made up of pure wool or polyester fabric are highly durable and sturdy.

Go green with earthenware planters

Earthenware planters also make a brilliant choice for a perfectly designed traditional home. These pots can be used as wall decorative and also serve as a perfect match for an artistic home décor style. Place them anywhere right from the living room, kitchen, bedroom to garden or balcony and feel the positivity and greenery inside your home.

Choose rustic wall art

As India is a country of diverse culture and tradition, people leave no stone unturned to copy that to their living zones. Rustic wall art depicts the village life of our country and that probably is the best way to showcase your emotions for ancient Indian culture. To name few, metallic art village life, cycle savari, wall art depicting tribal dancers, baithak, jugalbandi, camel ride etc are most popular.

Brighten up the walls with metallic art

The metallic art is one of the elements of our Indian art and culture. Right from the pooja thalis and diyas to lamps, lanterns and other hanging décor pieces like iron horse with sun wall hanging, brass Ashoka Pillar National Emblem etc, a variety of metallic art pieces are available to transform the look of your room.

Pick traditional print for bedsheet and curtain

The hand block printing is highly popular in our country since ages. It truly depicts the hard work and skills of our artisans. Use bedsheets and curtains designed with such traditional print to embrace the efforts of the designers. This is indeed the excellent way to add a tint of traditional touch to your home décor.

Go for artistic detailing on windows and doors

The doors and windows can also be well embellished with aesthetic décor art such as brass hanging bells, brass ashok ki lat, traditional lamps and lanterns etc. The frame of the windows can have vintage art that portrays the real picture of our culture and tradition.

Land on wooden furniture

The wooden furniture of traditional style delivers warmth and liveliness to the living area. The wood can be of any genre like teak, mahogany, oak, mango, sheesham etc. Mix and match the color tone of the room with limited shades of wooden furniture.

These are some simple ways to make your home artistic.

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